Three Shepherd's Farm

Three Shepherd's Farm

Our farm is made up of a family of twelve.  Kathy and Stan Kwiatkowski and 10 little Kwiatkowskies running around.  We started our business in 2010, and have been enjoying the never ending changes ever since.  

Here is the place to get authentic hand made buildings and furniture made by the Amish community of Palatine Bridge, NY.  We have a commitment to price our products low so the public can get great quality products without paying inflated retail prices fo the same exact buildings.  Our prices simply cover the cost of materials with a small percentage of profit for the builder and a small commission fee for us.  The Amish take great pride in their work and make sure the customer gets something that will last years and is built to their satisfaction.

We also sell hay for 3.00 per bale.  Local delivery available for a fee in certain quantities, or can be picked up.  Call 518-673-3515 for more information if interested. 

We also sell beef cows.  We have some available for next year, or in the spring we take deposits for calves and raise them for you to butcher, at which time you pay the remaining balance.  Call 518-673-3515 for more information if interested.

Seasonal products which have various availabilities include ducks, chickens, guinea hens, eggs, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs and kittens.  Kittens are usually free, but occasionally we charge a small fee due to beautiful markings. 

Please use tabs at the top of the page to see the products we sell.  Thank you for visiting!